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Offshore Technician / Mechanic / Navigator

49 years old
Driving License
Employed Open to opportunities
  • Maintenance of the mechanic equipement on boat.
  • Source maintenance and deployment (air guns, solenoid valves, boat deck fitting, plastic welding on floats and buoys, other welds).
  • General maintenance (high-pressure air circuits, hydraulic system, pumps, generator etc).
  • Preparation and deployment at sea of all the device appropriate to geophysics (sources, streamers, tail buoys, head buoys, paravanes deflector…).
  • Maintenance and use of MO Boat (Man Overboard Boat) for the streamers' shift guide-birds, as well as the batteries on the tail and head buoys.
  • Elaboration and setting of the procedures.
  • July 1998 : CGG Mistral, Seismic Gun Mechanics
  • September 2001 : CGG Harmattan, Seismic Gun Mechanics
  • January 2002 : Martin II, Technician Container compressor LMF / Seismic Gun Mechanics
  • July 2002 : CGG Mistral, Seismic Gun Mechanics
  • February 2003 : CGG Amadeus, Seismic Gun Mechanics